Each persona is a compilation of habits and attributes that indicate an agent’s preference for how they conduct their business development activities.


The Prospector is focused on good old-fashioned sweat equity. They will roll up their sleeves with activities such as cold calling, door knocking and neighbourhood canvassing. This agent loves to use data and systems to generate prospects and is not afraid to reach out.

Key Practices:

Strong prospecting habits with the ability to move a cold lead towards an appointment. Needs systems to organize follow-up and deliver on promises. Focused on one-to-one contact with prospects.


  • Requires time in the field for face-to-face
  • If they are not out “working” they are not generating business
  • Constantly short on leads


The Networker has a strong sphere of influence-based business. Repeat and referral marketing and long-term relationship building are important to these agents. Traditionally, the most common agent persona until the emergence of refined digital marketing strategies has become more widely adopted.

Key Practices:

Networkers are likely veteran agents who have developed an enviable sphere of influence. They prefer traditional marketing but appreciate solutions that simplify those efforts.


  • Dependent on maintaining a large sphere
  • It is difficult for them to quickly scale
  • Comfortable with the status quo and will resist changes to business


The Converter is most associated with pursuing cold leads. They often use lead generation solutions and systems to stay on top of lead volume. For this agent it is very much a numbers game and they often track leads with a high level of scrutiny.

Key Practices

The converter uncovers lead sources that become new opportunities when nurtured into conversations. These agents use digital and traditional marketing to build follow-up systems and track ROI.


  • Need a budget to fund advertising
  • Converting can be slow and tedious
  • Subject to advertising platform changes


The Marketer specializes in a niche such as ranches, golf communities, luxury, a certain demographic, etc. These agents are great at content marketing to showcase their specialty expertise but do not necessarily have a prior relationship with a target consumer.

Key Practices:

The marketer works to build a loyal audience through inbound marketing techniques. The ability and willingness to generate copious content coupled with conversion methodologies are essential.


  • Need to understand inbound marketing methodologies 
  • Content marketing is time consuming and slow 
  • Requires a niche audience and subject expertise
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